If you are looking for Payroll and Human Resource services, you have come to the right place.

We are a service-driven company, offering clients payroll and human resources solutions tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

Our Purpose & Values

We strive to provide our clients with prudent and efficient service that is cost effective. Our values include:

  • Drive the extraordinary with our expertise
  • Connect with our clients needs and wants
  • Create meaningful solutions that are long lasting

By partnering with ExecuPay, you can relieve your department of all of those time-consuming tasks. With years of experience in human Resources, accounting and payroll, ExecuPay is able to perform all these tasks efficiently while reducing your costs.

Our Team of Experts 2
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Our Leadership

My name is Monica Booysen. I am a dedicated HR professional with a love for people. I finished my degree and started working as a Director for Execupay. 

I am committed to maintaining good employer-employee relations to maximise productivity in the department. I have developed excellent relationships with the staff and take time to listen to staff enquiries and complaints, identify their needs and work through any issues that might be concerning them. My intention is to provide accurate and thoughtful information for forward-thinking people who wish to stretch their imagination about how people can relate with co-workers and their workplace. I try to focus on forward-looking concepts to challenge the thinking of people in workplaces. I really enjoy HR. Working with diverse individuals and various personalities can be challenging at times but it is always interesting, frequently rewarding and also emotionally satisfying. 

Being an HR helps me build on my strengths, acquire more relationship skills, learn flexibility, and how to compromise more adequately, how to look for solutions, not at problems, and most important, it helps me to build up my character. Equally important, it teaches me to expect the unexpected, and be able to deal with it!

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Postal Address
P. O. Box 32999, Waverley,  0135, South Africa

Why Us?

The need for HR & payroll management today is greater than ever. Research shows that due to the tremendous need to reskill employees and transform organisations, HR & Payroll solutions solve some of the most pressing dilemmas in business today.

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