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A fully integrated payroll solution


We are able to take care of your company’s payroll, banking, and cheque writing needs. If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements. We believe through our experience we can assist your company’s needs.

Running a business of any size is challenging at times, especially when it comes to details such as payroll management it can become overwhelming. Our expertise in payroll services will not only benefit you as a business owner but as well as your employees. 

Our goal is to help minimise the stress and frustration of ensuring that your employees are paid on time and accurately while ensuring that your business is compliant with tax regulations associated with employee payroll.


HR outsourcing is the use of an outside service to handle some or all of your company’s HR tasks. HR outsourcing functions include payroll processing, employee benefits administration and other business needs unrelated to day-to-day company functions.

The Outsourcing team takes care of your payroll needs for you. Our services include calculating payroll and tax amounts dues for each employee, providing reports and issuing paychecks. Paychecks can be issued weekly or monthly depending on your companies needs. We provide you with Payslip’s Payroll outsourcing service that is a complete, professional service that allows you to channel any instructions that would normally be sent to your in-house payroll department on to our team of payroll experts instead. This provides you will payroll administration that is stress free, timely and professional.


By outsourcing your payroll to us leaves you to focus on running your day-to-day business with the peace of mind that your payroll is being expertly managed. With outsourcing your payroll to us, you still enjoy all the benefits that come with using your own inhouse payroll, minus the need to maintain your system and employing your own staff.

Paying your workers, whether they’re domestic or foreign, doesn’t only involve giving them their salary at the end of the month. Payroll processes include much more and can be time-consuming and stressful. Is there a way to make tax filing, calculating payroll, and other payroll-related matters easier and more efficient? Whether you own a small business, a medium-sized, or a big company, outsourcing payroll services must have occurred to you more than once. And that’s for a reason. Read our complete guide to payroll outsourcing to learn everything your need to know about how to choose the right payroll service provider and make your payroll processing more cost-effective and straightforward.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll services

Have you decided to outsource payroll functions? Here are the benefits you will experience.

You’ll save money

We don’t need to remind you that time is money. But outsourcing payroll services doesn’t only help you save time, but literally costs less than creating an in-house payroll department. This process takes time, and as your business grows, your team will need more staff members, which will also reflect on your costs. However, when you hire a payroll company to handle the system for you, their pricing may not increase so dramatically over time.

You’ll have peace of mind

Trusting a professional with your payroll information and tasks automatically relieves the stress and opens new time slots for you to fill out with other important things you have to do. Learning how to use new software can be time-consuming. Trying to find accurate information about local laws to make sure you’re compliant can be daunting. You get to avoid all of it by hiring a payroll service provider to handle your payroll system.

You can outsource payroll services regardless of your number of employees

Both large companies and small businesses can benefit from outsourcing payroll. Small businesses can invest the time they’d otherwise spend on gathering and tracking payroll data on scaling or other important business matters. Large companies, with many employees, can avoid payroll errors that can often occur when in-house accountants or bookkeepers are swamped under too many tasks.

You’ll keep your data safe

Payroll service providers invest a lot in cloud-based servers where they’ll keep the employee information you’ve shared with them. If you own a small business, chances are you haven’t considered buying such a service yet, but it’s critical to protect your workers’ data. Outsourcing payroll can ensure maximum data security and even prevent embezzlement, identity theft, and other risks.

You’ll make fewer payroll mistakes

When you work with professionals whose only responsibility is to ensure the payments are made correctly and the tax laws are followed, the chances of making a mistake are lower than with an in-house accounting team. Sometimes, the consequences of a payroll error are more severe than just having an employee complain about a portion of money missing from their paycheck. Inaccurately filed federal payroll taxes may result in penalties and legal issues with the IRS, which you certainly want to avoid.

You’ll get to use the latest software

You may not be the one using the software, but the people who handle your payroll certainly will be. Payroll service providers make sure they’re up-to-date when it comes to the latest technology because it allows them to take their service to the next level and provide the best for their clients. That way, you’ll enjoy many perks of payroll software that minimize the chances of making a mistake, give you plenty of options for paying your workers’ compensation and make staying on top of your tax obligations easy. Automating specific processes, which is possible to technology, leaves enough space for payroll professionals to focus on optimizing your payroll system, which ultimately leads to making it more efficient.

  • Payroll administration
  • Electronic statutory deductions: PAYE, UIF, SDL
  • The processing, reconciliation and submission of SARS end of year and EMP501, EMP201 via online
  • Efiling
  • Submission of UIF reports
  • Medical and pension deductions and well as advice regarding these matters
  • Liaise with third parties on issues directly affecting the payroll
  • Produce sealed and electronic pay slips
  • Structure individual employees salaries, where requested
  • Process year-end reports and procedures and supply client with reconciliations and tax certificates as per manual – additional run mid tax year and year end, invoiced separately.
  • Advice on Labour law
  • IOD submissions
  • EE reporting
  • Skills reporitng

Third party interactions (SARS, benefit funds) – we can however provide assistance with these submissions.Data backups and storage of data is the clients responsibility

We endeavour to build a lasting relationship with your organisation that enables us to understand your business, provide a payroll service that exceeds your expectations, and to contribute to the ultimate success of your organization. Our work is meticulous, accurate and reliable

For more information please contact us by sending an email to the Help Desk at

What we do:


• Once off set-up responsibilities
• Changes to employee information
• Payroll processing
• Administration relating to appointments and terminations
• Third party payment processing
• Electronic payment of salaries to employees
• Year-end tax procedures and processing of IRP5 documents
• Leave administration
• Payroll reconciliation
• Reporting
• Printing and distribution of payslips
• Maintenance of records
• Process, reconcile, provide reports and produce related payroll information.
• Assist on matters relating to employee benefits and salary structures


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Why Us?

The need for HR & payroll management today is greater than ever. Research shows that due to the tremendous need to reskill employees and transform organisations, HR & Payroll solutions solve some of the most pressing dilemmas in business today.

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