Our Process: 

  1. Once off – all data is collected and captured into our system, this includes all the employees’ personal information, contact details and bank account numbers and salary/wage structures.
  2. The employer submits the payroll data via an agreed and secure means of communication, via authorized personnel.
  3. We process all wages and salaries according to this information.
  4. We provide the employer with reports, detailing payments to each employee and the collective amount required for the pay run.
  5. We send the employer the payslips in the required format via secured means.

Quick Contact

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Postal Address
P. O. Box 32999, Waverley,  0135, South Africa

Why Us?

The need for HR & payroll management today is greater than ever. Research shows that due to the tremendous need to reskill employees and transform organisations, HR & Payroll solutions solve some of the most pressing dilemmas in business today.

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